Commercial Fruit Fly Trap Holder

The BEAPCO Commercial Fruit Fly Trap Holder is designed to securely hold pre-filled fruit fly traps, utilizing a non-toxic, food-grade attractant to lure unwanted fruit flies. Safe for indoor and outdoor use, these traps are effective near fruit fly breeding areas like fruit bowls, trash cans, and kitchen counters. The traps are longer-lasting, with each pre-filled trap lasting up to 45 days, making them ideal for commercial use. With a simple setup—poke a hole and set it out—the trap holder helps maintain a clean and effective solution for fruit fly control. When the trap is full, simply dispose of it in the recycling bin, ensuring a safe and spill-proof experience.



BEAPCO Commercial Fruit Fly Trap Holder: Advanced Protection

The BEAPCO Commercial Fruit Fly Trap Holder is expertly crafted to manage fruit fly populations effectively wherever they pose a problem, from indoor kitchens to outdoor dining areas. Its innovative design and reliable performance ensure that your environment remains free of these pests, maintaining the cleanliness and comfort of your space.

Effective Attractant Solution

  • Utilizes a non-toxic, food-grade attractant solution to lure fruit flies more effectively than other leading brands.
  • The attractant is specially formulated to attract fruit flies quickly and efficiently, ensuring immediate results.


Safe and Versatile Usage

  • Safe and effective when placed near fruit fly breeding areas like fruit bowls, trash cans, kitchen counters, and sinks.
  • BEAPCO’s fruit fly traps are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them ideal for various environments.


Long-Lasting Performance

  • Longer-lasting compared to other models, with each prefilled trap lasting up to 45 days.
  • Designed for low maintenance and simple use, ensuring hassle-free fruit fly control over extended periods.


Convenient and Mess-Free

  • The prefilled pods eliminate the need for messy setups; just poke a hole and set them out.
  • Completely spill-proof design ensures no mess, making it easy to handle and dispose of used traps.


Non-Toxic and Safe for All Environments

  • BEAPCO’s fruit fly traps use non-toxic materials, making them safe for homes with children and pets.
  • The traps can be used around food areas without any risk of contamination or harm.


Efficient and Long-Lasting

  • Each trap is designed to last up to 45 days, providing long-term protection with minimal effort.
  • The attractant solution is highly effective, ensuring that each trap captures a significant number of fruit flies.


Easy Setup and Disposal

  • Simply poke a hole with a pen or similar tool to activate the attractant, then place the trap in the desired location.
  • Once the trap is full, dispose of it easily by tossing it into the recycling bin, thanks to its safe and spill-proof design.


Eco-Friendly and Convenient

  • Made from recyclable materials, these traps are environmentally friendly and help reduce waste.
  • The design prioritizes ease of use and sustainability, making fruit fly control both effective and eco-conscious.


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Weight 31.75147 g
Dimensions 9.525 × 8.255 × 8.255 cm


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