GREENSTRIKE 3 Layer Defense (3LD) Mosquito Bundle

Prevent, kill and zap mosquitoes! This innovative 3LD system is the best solution on the market combining three of our innovative products and providing you three layers of defense against mosquitoes and flying insects so you can reclaim your backyard.

The Mosquito Preventer 2.0 reduces the mosquito population 70% in 21 days. The Mobster protects your party zone killing flying insects within a 1,000 sq. ft. radius of you. The LED Zapping Bulb is the last line of defense working double duty as a light source and a bug zapper.

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Mosquito Preventer 2.0

This mosquito control solution reduces the mosquito population up to 70% in 21 days. The GREENSTRIKE lures attract mosquitoes to lay their eggs then Zero-Hatch Technology traps and dries out the eggs ensuring they do not hatch eliminating up to 30,000 mosquitoes.

The Preventer 2.0 does this without the use of harsh chemicals protecting your family from disease carrying mosquitoes in a ½ acre radius coverage area.

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Flying insect zapper

This Bug Zapper utilizes a specially treated UV-A light, which is proven to be the most effective lure for light sensitive flying insects, such as flies, moths, mosquitoes, and other flying insects. These lured insects are then electrocuted by the Zapper’s high voltage inner grid. No chemicals, no smell, no sprays, and no mess. This Bug Zapper is pollution free and is harmless to humans and pets. It is ideal for using in homes, offices, factories, food outlets, hospitals, and more.

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Mosquito Mobster

The Mobster prevents the use of harmful sprays and chemicals by immediately killing flying insects within 1,000 sq. ft. radius without you ever knowing it is there.

The 5-Shot System attracts the mosquitoes to the Mobster using UV light, ultrasonic sound and blinking infrared lights which mimic human movement. Heat entices the mosquitoes inside while a powerful yet quiet fan sucks them into a cage to dehydrate and die.

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Fruit Fly Traps

Say goodbye to fruit flies. The pre-filled Fruit Fly Traps are filled with a non-toxic, food grade attractant which works to attract and trap unwanted fruit flies. The GREENSTRIKE Fruit Fly Trap is 2.2 times more effective than other leading household brands making it the #1 fruit fly solution on the market.

This trap is spill proof and discreet so it is easy to place in hidden locations around your home or the office. After 30 days, or once the trap is full, you can recycle your fruit fly trap because this product is eco-friendly from packaging to trap.

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