Our Story

Maxtech Mosquito Control Inc. was founded in 2010 to create a line of products to help protect families from deadly diseases transmitted by biting mosquitoes without the use of harsh chemicals that can harm families and the environment. In the following years we expanded our reach to include fruit flies as well as house flies to help keep family time happy and worry free.Spending time outside with friends and family makes all the hard work that you put into your property worthwhile. But outdoor living also comes with a risk, exposure to deadly diseases transmitted by biting mosquitoes. Today’s mosquito control solutions use harsh chemicals that can affect your family’s health and the environment. Harsh chemicals such as pesticides pose a huge threat to various insects as they are hit by neonics when they fly through dust clouds left behind as the pesticides are sprayed, or by consuming nectar from treated plants. Sprays and pesticides kill only the weakest mosquitoes and leave the strongest ones free to breed. Zappers and trappers may kill a few mosquitoes but won’t stop them from constantly breeding, in fact one mosquito can quickly multiply to over 30 000.Green-Strike’s Mosquito Preventer featuring Zero-Hatch Technology is the only mosquito solution that stops mosquito population growth before it starts by capturing and destroying the mosquito eggs. How does Zero-Hatch Technology work? Using patented non-toxic plant-based lures the Mosquito Preventer replicates a natural pond where female mosquitoes love to lay their eggs. After laying their eggs inside the reservoir the female mosquito will also leave behind their own natural mosquito pheromone. This signals to other mosquitoes that it is a prime location to lay even more eggs. After a few days the Mosquito Preventer automatically flushes the solution through a filter, trapping the eggs before they have a chance to mature. This attractant solution is then recycled to continue to attract more mosquitoes and best of all the Mosquito Preventer can specifically target the breeds of mosquitoes that can carry lethal diseases such as West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya Virus, and Zika Virus.Scientific testing of the Mosquito Preventer resulted in over 20 000 mosquito eggs destroyed in just one month and a 70% reduction of potentially lethal mosquito populations. Take back your outdoor living and protect your family from dangerous mosquitoes. Stop trying to catch mosquitoes, prevent them.

Our Solutions

Help protect your family from deadly diseases transmitted by biting mosquitoes without the use of harsh chemicals using our patented and proven to work products. Learn More
Fruit Flies
Help protect your family’s food without using DIY remedies that do not work. Our tested products will do the work for you as we have the best working solution on the market. Learn More
House Flies
Help protect your home from the annoying buzz of house flies without burning up your energy with a fly swatter. Learn More