Pre-Filled Fruit Fly Traps – 6 Pack

Pre filled Fruit Fly Traps work to attract and trap unwanted fruit flies. This fruit fly trap utilizes a non-toxic, food grade attractant that bring the fruit flies into our trap more effectively than other leading household brands.

With a pre filled pod you don’t have to worry about any mess you just poke a hole with a pen or similar then set it out to do the work.

Green-strike patented design and lab tested solution was developed and tested specifically for fruit flies unlike the other guys who use the same solution for all products they carry ours is dedicated to fruit flies. Our Pods are designed to last up to 30days and when your done with them just toss them into the recycling bin as they are completely safe and spill proof.

Don’t waste your money on the other traps that claim they are the best.



GREENSTRIKE Pre-Filled Fruit Fly Traps – 6 Pack: Effective and Easy Fruit Fly Elimination

Product Overview

The GREENSTRIKE Pre-Filled Fruit Fly Traps provide an efficient and straightforward way to eliminate fruit flies from your environment. These traps come pre-filled with a food-grade attractant specifically designed to lure fruit flies into the trap, where they are contained and unable to escape. Therefore, it is ideal for maintaining a clean and bug-free home.

Key Benefits

Efficient Trapping: The pre-filled food-grade attractant effectively lures fruit flies into the trap, ensuring they are contained and unable to escape. Thus, it offers a powerful solution to your fruit fly problem.

Easy to Use: Poke a hole with a pen or similar object, and the traps are ready. Therefore, setup is quick and hassle-free.

Long-Lasting: Each trap lasts up to 30 days, providing a low-maintenance solution to your fruit fly problem. Consequently, you don’t have to replace the traps frequently.

Environmentally Friendly: After use, you can quickly dispose of the trap in the recycling bin, making it an eco-friendly option that supports sustainable practices. Furthermore, the design is discreet, allowing you to place them near problem areas without drawing attention.

Non-Toxic Formula: Safe for food, pets, and children, ensuring no health risks. Thus, it offers peace of mind for families. Additionally, the non-toxic formula ensures safety for all household members.

Innovative Features

Pre-Filled with Attractant: The traps come pre-filled with a non-toxic, food-grade attractant that effectively lures fruit flies. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about setting up any complicated bait systems.

Spill-Proof Design: The design ensures no mess, making it convenient and clean. Moreover, it simplifies the maintenance process.

Discreet Placement: Place the traps near problem areas without drawing attention, ensuring effective yet unobtrusive fruit fly control. Consequently, you can maintain an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Usage Instructions

Activate: Poke a hole in the trap with a pen or similar object to activate it.

Place: Position the trap near fruit fly problem areas.

Replace: After 30 days or when full, dispose of the trap in the recycling bin.

Additional Features

Non-toxic: Safe for use around food, pets, and children. Thus, it guarantees the safety of your loved ones.

Eco-Friendly: Made from recyclable materials and designed for easy disposal. Therefore, it supports environmental sustainability.

Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep, making it a convenient choice for busy households. Consequently, you save time and effort.


Discover more about our effective and eco-friendly fruit fly traps. Moreover, our products ensure you maintain a clean and insect-free environment.

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Additional information

Weight 0.14 g
Dimensions 19 × 3.5 × 21.6 cm


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