Automatic Mosquito Preventer 2.0

The Automatic Mosquito Preventer 2.0 attracts mosquitoes to lay their eggs and then traps them with its Zero-Hatch Technology, ensuring the eggs do not hatch. Instead of allowing the mosquito population to rise all season, this mosquito control solution begins working immediately to limit the mosquito population. You’ll quickly notice a difference as less mosquitoes are born in the 3 days after you install! The Mosquito Preventer will reduce the mosquito population by up to 70% across its effective area, which can reach up to 1 acre!!!

Check the below map for your location to confirm the correct Lure. For best results, setup your Mosquito Preventer in the late part of the spring and continue to use it monthly throughout the hot summer months.

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Culex, Aedes


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