Replaceable Glue Cartridges & Lure (4-Pack)

The BEAPCO Replaceable Cartridges for Surge Protector With Lure (4-Pack) offer a simple and cost-effective way to maintain bed bug detection and monitoring. These non-toxic glue cartridges are designed for use with the Bed Bug Detecting Surge Protector, providing reliable immobilization of bed bugs that fall into the trap. Each cartridge lasts up to 90 days, but you can replace them as often as needed. The glue is incredibly tacky, ensuring that bed bugs cannot escape once trapped. Despite its tackiness, the glue is pet and child friendly, making these cartridges safe for home use.



BEAPCO Replaceable Glue Cartridges & Lure for Bed Bug Detecting Surge Protector

Product Overview

Ensure continuous and effective bed bug control with BEAPCO’s Replaceable Glue Cartridges & Lure for the Bed Bug Detecting Surge Protector. These non-toxic and pet-safe cartridges immobilize bed bugs that fall inside the surge protector with incredibly tacky glue. Each cartridge lasts up to 90 days or can be replaced as needed, providing a long-term solution for bed bug monitoring and detection.

The Bed Bug Detecting Surge Protector discreetly blends into your home decor while offering powerful protection against bed bugs. The built-in 9V heater actively lures bed bugs from their hiding spots into the glue cartridge. Additionally, the integrated textured ramp helps bed bugs climb into the trap effectively. The surge protector also features a 900 Joule energy rating, providing superior power protection for your electronic devices, along with 2 USB ports and 4 standard electrical outlets for convenient use.

Key Features:

Non-Toxic and Safe: These glue cartridges are pet and child-friendly, providing peace of mind while maintaining effective bed bug control.

Highly Effective Glue: The incredibly tacky glue immediately immobilizes bed bugs upon contact.

Long-Lasting: Each cartridge lasts up to 90 days, or you can replace it as needed, ensuring continuous protection.

Cost-Effective: Available in a pack of 4, these cartridges offer a budget-friendly solution for long-term bed bug monitoring and detection.

Usage Instructions:

Monitor: Replace every 90 days or as often as needed to maintain optimal effectiveness.

Maintenance: Handle with care due to the incredibly tacky nature of the glue.

Package Includes: 4 Replaceable Glue Cartridges for cost-effective bed bug monitoring and detection.

About BEAPCo. USB Surge Protector with Bed Bug Detection Trap

Eco-Friendly and Safe: Importantly, this bed bug trap is chemical-free and harmless to humans and pets. Safe for various settings including homes, offices, factories, food outlets, and hospitals, it offers an eco-friendly solution to bed bug problems, ensuring safety for both you and the environment.

Durable and Convenient: Crafted from fireproof ABS material, the BEAPCo. USB Surge Protector with Bed Bug Detection Trap withstands high temperatures and oil, ensuring longevity and reliable bed bug control. Consequently, the device’s robust construction guarantees effectiveness.

Effective Lure and Trap: First and foremost, the integrated textured ramp helps bed bugs climb into the glue cartridge with ease, thus trapping them efficiently. Furthermore, replaceable glue cartridges ensure continuous and repetitive use, offering long-term effectiveness.


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Additional information

Weight 181.437 g
Dimensions 23.495 × 4.0132 × 0.8128 cm


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