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Do Mosquitoes Target Certain Family Members?​

What attracts mosquitoes?

There are three main factors that attract mosquitoes: heat, carbon dioxide emissions, and body odour.

While you can’t eliminate these entirely, there are a few things you can do to make yourself a little less buzzworthy.

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Kacee Vasudeva made auto parts and bug repellant. Then he retooled for the pandemic.​

When the need for domestically produced PPE soared last year, Vasudeva’s Maxtech retooled its production lines and got to work

Vasudeva was one of the first to sign up. “When COVID happened, we knew our country was in trouble. What could we do?” he says. Plenty, it turns out.

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Take back summer from the season’s number one nuisance with GreenStrike’s Mosquito Preventer ​

The Mosquito Preventer by GreenStrike is the optimal solution for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance of mosquito bites and buzzes. It doesn’t just simply zap or trap mosquitoes like traditional units, but instead, captures and destroys mosquito eggs to significantly aid in lowering populations.

Virtually silent and cordless, the Mosquito Preventer is made with outdoor entertaining and cottage life in mind so you can enjoy patio dinners and backyard fun without those pesky unwanted guests.

An Automatic Mosquito Preventer 2.0

Stop Mosquitoes in Their Tracks!

Nothing can ruin the tranquility of a warm summer evening like the buzzing and biting of pesky mosquitoes. As much as we love summer, itchy mosquito bites are most definitely a downer. But now, those pesky critters are a thing of the past! The Mosquito Preventer by GREENSTRIKE captures and destroys mosquito eggs to stop population growth before it starts.

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