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GREENSTRIKE‘s Indoor Flying Insect Trap plugs into any standard wall outlet to trap those pesky, annoying flying insects that have found their way into your bedroom, living room, kitchen or basement. Perfect for homes, apartments, cottages and campers, GREENSTRIKE‘s Indoor Flying Insect Trap uses UV light and heat to lure the flying insects to the trap. Virtually silent and completely odorless, a highly powerful suction fan, vacuums the flying insects into the trapping cage. To clean the trap, simply unlock the trapping cage and dump dried, dead insects into trash. Great at trapping Mosquitoes, Flies, Moths, June Bugs and more!


  • 3 step Trapping System
  • Perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, campers, cottages, enclosed porches and more!
  • Virtually silent and odourless
  • No harmful chemicals, smoke or pesticides
  • Plugs into standard 110/120 wall outlet

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How It Works

GREENSTRIKE’s Indoor Flying Insect Trap uses a unique 3x Trapping System to kill flying insects in your indoor living areas without using any harsh chemicals or toxins.

UV Light

1. Long Lasting UV light draws flying insects towards the trap.

Heat Source

2. A heat source entices the flying insects inside the trap.

Suction Fan

3. A High powered suction fan captures the flying insects, and prevents them from escaping.

Catches: Mosquitoes, Moths, Sand Flies, and More!

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