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Frequently Asked Questions for the Mosquito Preventer

Why is the Mosquito Preventer the best choice for mosquitoes control?

The Mosquito Preventer recreates the ideal breeding spot that female mosquitoes love to lay their eggs in. By killing the mosquito eggs rather than using traditional traps or zappers, you are targeting the source of mosquito population growth before it becomes a problem. It is also a much more environmentally safe when compared to Carbon Dioxide propane traps and spray toxic pesticides and chemicals.

What is in the Mosquito Lures?

The Mosquito Lures replicate proteins and minerals found in nature. The primary components of the Mosquito Lures are non-toxic. In fact, if you or your pet were to take a drink of the Lure/Attractant water it would taste horrible (just like swamp water!) but wouldn’t hurt.

How soon should the Mosquito Preventer start to affect mosquito populations?

Since you are helping to reduce future generations of mosquitoes, the Mosquito Preventer may take up to 20 days for results. Remember, by killing mosquito eggs you prevent the mosquito population from growing to an unhealthy level. The key to the Mosquito Preventer is to start early in the Mosquito season! The earlier you start, the less the mosquito populations in your backyard have a chance to grow.

Can I use the Mosquito Preventer indoors?

No. Do not use the Mosquito Preventer indoors. For indoor insect trapping, use GREENSTRIKE’s Indoor Flying Insect Trap

If there are puddles near the Mosquito Preventer, does this affect the performance?

It is best to clear all spots in your yard, including puddles, to allow the Mosquito Preventer to be the primary breeding spot for female mosquitoes. Remove standing water, clear your eavestrophes, empty bird baths.

Is the Mosquito Preventer noisy?

The Mosquito Preventer turns on approximately every 3 days at midnight. The only sound it makes is the sounds of a pump mechanism and water filling up a bucket. It will not keep you up at night!

When should I place the Mosquito Preventer in my yard?

As early in the mosquito season as possible. If you place the Mosquito Preventer in your yard later in the summer months, it may take longer for the unit to take affect.

How many Mosquito Preventer’s do I need for my yard?

Regulating bodies of PMRA and Health Canada prevent us from claiming the size of yard the Mosquito Preventer will cover. However, for a standard semi-urban backyard, one unit should suffice. However, inform your neighbours of the benefits of the Mosquito Preventer. The more units around your neighbourhood, the better chance you have at reducing mosquito populations. Mosquitoes are terrible flyers and don’t travel very far.

How do the mosquito eggs die in the Mosquito Preventer?

Mosquitoes eggs are automatically run through a filter where they are separated from the Breeding-Zone water. They will dry up and die before hatching into mosquitoes.

How often should I replace the Lures?

You should replace the Lures every 30 days.

How often should I replace the Filter?

You should replace the Filter every 30 days.

How often should I replace the Landing Strip?

You should replace the Landing Strips every 30 days.

How long does the battery last?

Batteries don’t like heat. So the hotter your environment is, the less battery life your Mosquito Preventer will have. Generally speaking, you may have to replace the batteries up to 3 or 4x a mosquito season.

Public Health Associations

Every State, Province or Territory will have their own Health Association which provides helpful tips on localized health threats, specifically from mosquitoes. Mosquitoes have the ability to transmit a number of potentially deadly diseases.

Below are the links to individual Public Health Associations across North America.