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    LED Zapping Bulb

    LED Zapping Bulb The LED Zapping Bulb upgrades any light to make it double as both a bug zapper and an energy-efficient light source – the last line of defense stopping mosquitoes from entering your home. The bulb utilizes a UV light and an electrically-charged grid to attract and zap mosquitoes. Install this 9-Watt LED bulb wherever you desire, including gazebos, garages, porches, or patios.

    The 3LD is a 3 Layer Defense System that prevents, kills and zaps mosquitoes. This innovative system is the latest in backyard mosquito control, with each layer providing a specific barrier of defense. Without the use of propane of pesticides, the 3LD is an environmentally friendly system that will finally give you the freedom to enjoy your yard.

    Layer 1: Prevent

    The Mosquito Preventer traps mosquito eggs to reduce the mosquito population by 70% in 21 days.

    Coverage: 1/2 acre

    Layer 2: Kill

    The Mosquito Mobster protects your party zone (deck, patio, etc.) using its 5 Shot System to immediately kill mosquitoes.

    Coverage: 1000 sq ft

    Layer 3: Zap

    The LED Zapping Bulb acts as your last line of defense to stop mosquitoes from entering your home.

    Usage: Gazebos, Garages, Patio, Porches

    Indoor Flying Insect Trap

    The Indoor Flying Insect Trap utilizes three unique attractants to lure and kill mosquitoes, moths, house flies, and more. It uses UV light, heat and a high-powered suction fan to draw in any unwanted flying insects, trapping and killing them. Ideal for RVs and cottages. Great protection when travelling to mosquito prone areas.


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