Experience The Life Of A Mosquito

Now, using virtual reality technology you too can experience what it is like to live as a mosquito. Grab your glasses and watch the video for an immersive look into the life of a mosquito. 

Don’t Have Virtual Reality Glasses? Don’t Worry, you too can enjoy the video. 

In The News

Preventing Diseases & Helping Those In Need

In 2016, we decided to donate hundreds of boxes of Mosquito Preventers, worth about $50,000, to the state of Florida. This donation was made in hopes of helping the states local government in its fight against the Zika virus.

Florida had seen 40 cases of the Zika virus leading up to the donation, and the fear that the number of cases could rise was enough to put us in action. Watch the video to learn more.

The Mosquito Preventer

Mosquito Preventer

The Mosquito Preventer works to trap mosquito eggs with its Zero-Hatch Technology. Instead of allowing the mosquito population to rise all season, it reduces the mosquito population by up to 70% in 21 days. 

About Our Product

Here at Green-Strike we strive to make highly effective products that work for you and your family. We also work towards creating a better future, with all of our products being environmentally friendly so that you can feel good using them. 

Our Products In Action

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