GREENSTRIKE's solution to Zika!

Child born with microcephaly
You’re probably concerned about Zika – but perhaps you’re not that concerned. Ignorance has never solved anything, let alone an epidemic like Zika. Zika Virus has been making news for almost a year now but no one seems to know how to stop it. Children are considered the future of any country, Mosquitoes with Zika have started attacking our future generations. We all have seen the infamous picture of a child born with microcephaly, we all have shivers run down our spine, as well as a sigh of relief that our kids are safe. But are they? Just because there are no reported cases of Zika in your area does not mean it will never happen. Women and Men have been asked to use birth control, no one until now is talking about the root cause of Zika! MOSQUITOES!

GREENSTRIKE Mosquito Preventer

GREENSTRIKE‘s Mosquito Preventer is a one of a kind product that fights back and helps you and your family stay safe. Did you know that only selected mosquitoes carry Zika? What if there was a way to minimize the population of only those mosquitoes that can potentially carry deadly diseases. The Mosquito Preventer is the answer!

Why is Greenstrike better than any other mosquito solution out there?

  • The only Patented Non Toxic Plant Based Solution
  • Reduces mosquito population that can potentially carry diseases by trapping their eggs; leaving mosquitoes that maintain balance in the food chain
  • Developed, Proven and Tested in Mexico, Guatemala, Canada by Laurentian University professor
  • No Propane, No Pesticides, No Glue Traps