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Reduces the Population of Mosquitoes That Carry Diseases

Rather than trying to trap or zap the thousands of mosquitoes that are in your yard, the Mosquito Preventer featuring Zero-Hatch Technology captures and destroys mosquito eggs, and helps to lower mosquito populations.

Take back your backyard and STOP mosquito population growth, before it starts – by capturing and destroying mosquito eggs!


  • Fully automatic cycling
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Touch pad control panel with diagnostics
  • Durable construction
  • Cordless operation
  • One year limited warranty

Technical Details

Product Dimensions16.2 x 21 x 16.2 inches
Item Weight11.4 pounds
Item model number900
Batteries8 AA batteries required. (included)

Download user manual here.

How It Works

GreenStrike’s non-toxic Mosquito Lures, used exclusively with The Mosquito Preventer, target the mosquito populations that can grow throughout the spring and summer months. The unique compounds of the Mosquito Lures replicate the proteins and nutrients that are found in a pond – the ideal breeding spot for female mosquitoes!


Mimicking foliage found on a pond, the Landing Strips give a great spot for the female mosquito to lay their eggs on. Some mosquitoes will also prefer to lay their eggs directly in the water.

Since mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn, the Mosquito Preventer includes an LED light that turns on at key periods to mimic light reflecting off of water.


Setting It Up

You should place your Mosquito Preventer in a location on your property that meets as many of the below criteria as possible:


All Day Shade

This ensures the temperature of the unit is to the female mosquitoes’ liking. Also, mosquitoes like to stay in shady areas during dormant periods.


Protection From the Wind

Believe it or not, mosquitoes are not great flyers. They prefer to have little to no wind and will choose their breeding spots in an area that best protects themselves and their eggs.


Lots of Vegetation

The more green in or near the water the better as its nutrients, minerals and proteins help mosquito eggs to flourish.

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